Policy Info

  • Warren's Moving offers to all customers necessary repair, replacement or reimbursement for items damaged or lost by Warren's Moving movers due to negligence at no additional charge.
  • The information that our customers provide us is for contact purposes only. We will not disclose any of our customers' contact information under any circumstances.
  • If an item cannot be delivered in the ordinary way by stairs or elevator, the customer may need to pay an additional charge for hoisting, lowering or other necessary actions to complete the delivery.
  • Warren's Moving is not responsible for time delays due to lack of sufficient elevators or guard gate delays.
  • Warren's Moving is not responsible for pre-existing damage to any item.
  • Warren's Moving is not responsible for articles left in drawers, packages, cases, or containers that were not packed by employees.
  • It is recommended that the customer handle moving small valuables and personal items such as money, jewelry, electronic devices, prescriptions, hearing aids, guns, etc.
  • Warren's Moving does not move poisonous, corrosive, flammable or explosive items such as: fuel, oil, paint, insecticide, bleach, aerosol cans, ammunition, etc.