Moving Supplies

Safely packing your belongings requires the right supplies as well as proper packing and storage techniques. At Warren's Moving, we can assist you with preparations for moving day by providing you with skilled packing services as well as a full range of moving supplies. We serve the entire Las Vegas, NV, community and surrounding areas.

When you need to find quality moving supplies for sale, you can trust us to provide:
  • 1.5 Box (Small Book Box) $2.25
  • 3.0 Box (Medium Box) $2.75
  • 4.5 Box (Large Box) $3.75
  • 6.0 Box (Extra Large) $5.00
  • Wardrobe Box-Holds about 2ft of closet space $11.00
  • Small Mirror Pack $3.00
  • Medium Mirror Pack $4.00
  • Large Mirror Pack $5.00
  • 5.1 Dish pack $5.50
  • Paper Pads $2.25
  • Newsprint $27.50
  • Shrink Wrap $20.00
  • Bubble Wrap Small-24”W x 25'L $6.75
  • Bubble Wrap Large-24”W x 250'L $55.00
  • Twin Mattress Bag $4.00
  • Queen Mattress Bag $4.50
  • King Mattress Bag $5.50
  • Styrofoam Peanuts (14 Cu Ft) $27.50
  • Furniture Pads $11.00
  • Tape $2.25

Supply Delivery Is Available

The preparations that you take to prepare for a move can be physically demanding, and many of our clients need extra help. We provide packing services for all your needs, and our services can be tailored to suit your budget. Whether you need help packing one room or the entire home, we are available to get the job done for you. If you are ready to get the ball rolling on your moving efforts and need to pack up your belongings, contact Warren's Moving. Our friendly staff will provide more information about our moving supplies and packing services. You can also book moving service for your relocation day.